Binocular Observing

astrobinosWhen you think of  amateur astronomy or stargazing you automatically think that you will need to buy a telescope. But this isn’t necessarily true. A good quality telescope is expensive and can be hard to use effectively, especially if you’re the type of person who has trouble keeping your hands steady. You can use a stand but that’s more expense.

Kids especially have trouble with large, bulky telescopes. Forget about cheap telescopes, as these tend to produce dim images and false colors.

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Amateur Astronomy on a Budget

Amateur astronomy can be an expensive business, especially if you want a really good quality telescope. Some, such as the Ritchey-Chrétien can be cost in the range of $2000-$6000 dollars. Even some refractors can be over $1000.Yet it needn’t cost you that much – you can pick up a new telescope for less than $200 from reputable dealers. But before buying any telescope you need to make sure it will do the job – especially for amateur astronomy, which is much more demanding than any terrestrial observation.

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